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Handy tips for your next move!

Before you move:

  • If possible, clean the bathroom and kitchen in your new place before you move in.
  • A few weeks before the move, try to finish frozen food, perishable items, or half open containers that you have around the kitchen.


  • While your clothes are still hanging in the cupboard, you can put them inside a garbage bag to make unpacking easier.
  • Instead of bubble wrap, protect your glasses, dishes and other fragile items by wrapping them in clean clothing and linens.
  • Obvious, but don’t forget to write the contents of each box on the box, or on an inventory list.
  • Label the sides of boxes so you can read the labels even when the boxes are stacked.
  • Defrost your fridge completely the night before your move to avoid unpleasant smells.
  • To keep toiletries from leaking during the move, put a piece of plastic wrap over the opening, then screw on the cap back on.
  • Pack items that you’ll need most immediately in a clear plastic container, or a special “open first” box. Like bed sheets, hand soap, towels, curtains for the room where you will sleep on the first night etc.

The day of the move:

  • Be ready for your movers – avoid last minute scrambling and extra stress
  • Hire a sitter for the children and pets
  • Load boxes from the same rooms together.
  • Load heavy furniture into the moving truck first. Then finish with lighter items, like your DIY nightstand, folding chairs and boxes.
  • Make your bed as soon as you move in. At the end of a long day of moving you will be glad that you can just go to bed.


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